2022 Compilation SELECTED FORMS & FIGURES – Schwarzwald Dub




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Haushausen are the brothers André and me plus whoever is present at the studio when we are coming in to do a session. Born and bred in Berlin, we have been making music together for about twenty years now besides our regular jobs. I work as an TV and movie editor and use to play Drum ’n Bass and Hip Hop records, André works for a high end mixing desk company and just started to create useful things as a freelance. We also share the studio space with Dub Taylor aka Tigerskin.

In the past we’ve been creative just for the fun of it whenever they had time besides work and family and without any serious intention to ever release our music to the public. That changed in 2018, when Dub Taylor put two sessions we’ve had together onto his ‚Caves and Cages‘ album on Dirt Crew Recordings. Since then we’ve developed the plan to finish and release a few of the Haushausen recordings to do an EP or even better: an album. There was so much material recorded over the past years that it was not easy to decide which tunes to start with.

Usually André plays several synthesizers, pianos and organs and builds beats and I play drums, percussion, bass, guitars, synthesizers and builds beats too. All that might get mixed up when someone comes to the session with a broken flute, a „Reggae Drums for Beginners’ book, a melodica or a self-build cuica. In our selection, besides me, André and Dub Taylor, there’s Jan Gabler (aka PsychoPlasma, D-Mark, Slinky Wire), who was present on synthesizers in the piece ‚Erdschein‘. He was also a helping hand in the process of developing the album.

The guys share a love for Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Trip Hop and Dub Music. It’s no surprise that except ‚Im Boot‘ and ‚Wrong Side Up‘ all the other tracks share that classic Caribbean, uplifting two-tone feel and have a moody, rather chilled out dub atmosphere. Since the guys never take themselves too serious both in the question what should come out of it in the end and how far their perfection goes, the tracks breathe a lot from the freedom to be imperfect, a freedom that most artists lose on their way to professionalism.

We´re happy and proud we finally can steal an hour of your lifetime with these eight beautiful Space Dub pieces of the Haushausen debute album “Behind The Roof”. We hope you´ll like it as much as we do.

All tracks mixed by Stefan Janson and mastered by Salz Mastering.